How to get rich quickly becomes a promotional event for various marketing programs from many products in the current digital era. This keyword rich quick ways is also popular in the eyes of many people who have high imagination for success.

No need special expertise in the financial field or winning a lottery ticket to increase your net worth. Some smart ways can make you richer instantly. Even in his new book, "Money: Master of The Game," the successful book author and businessman Tony Robbins shares some of the core strategies for achieving your financial goals faster.

Another interesting fact, Bill Gates, the second richest person in the world by Forbes who has a wealth of US $ 98.2 billion or equivalent to Rp 1,402 trillion. Even the Microsoft boss has spent more than 20 years in the office.

He also sacrificed spending the weekend to build his business to success as seen by many people today. There is no flash success, get rich quick unless you are a rich kid, can be a rich in-law or win a big draw. Beyond that, you have to work hard, in the right way. How to? Here are the reviews:

1. Use credit cards wisely

Many credit cards are misused and are considered a symbol of prestige or prestige. Though a credit card is like a knife, if it is wise to use it will be useful and if careless can make users get into debt. Young man who are often trapped in debt bondage, especially if they get late in the modern lifestyle such as for hanging out in cafes or buying things that are not or are not needed.

2. Wise and efficient in spending

You can save money if you are disciplined in making financial plans. The key to this discipline is being able to distinguish between needs and desires. If you want to get rich quick, cut out all unnecessary expenses. You can copy the 50/20/30 method. That is, please make a list on budget 50 percent for any needs. From this budget, what expenses can be cut. This also applies to budget 30 and 20 percent. Start with the principle of simple but modest life.

3. Save on spending consumer goods

One of the most tempting items for consumer goods is buying a new car. In addition to providing comfort, the car also provides its own prestige for the owner. No need to have big money when you want to buy a new car. Now more and more car loans are offered. Even though the car is consumer goods with the greatest reduction value, you buy 200 million cars, in just one year, and prices can go down to 20 million when newer cars come out. Imagine not, already the price dropped by 20 million you instead pay interest on loans. So buying a car on credit is the most wasteful way if you want to get rich quick.

4. Life-saving, but still dignified

Saving life does not mean stingy. Saving life means spending what you really need. Take for example the coffee agenda at the cafe once a week, does this include you need? Of course not, especially if you can spend a little money once hanging out.

If you want to get rich quick, reduce coffee events, rearrange your schedule to save more, and if necessary, you can copy it once a month.

Rich Quick Ways

5. Monitor routinely and take advantage of promos

Currently there are so many promo offers from various stores that offer low prices after getting a promotional discount. Some of these online services can be used almost for all daily activities such as to buying travel packages and accommodation. Among them all, online payment applications are the most diligent in offering promotional discounts on product or service prices. If you want to save money so you can get rich quickly then monitor your free time to get information on ongoing promos.

6. Save more and invest the rest

Saving money isn't really attractive at the moment, but it is a very effective strategy to grow your net worth. If you find a way to set aside more money and invest it intelligently to get greater returns from saving, then this is a dramatic way to accelerate your financial goals.

7. Change your lifestyle

You can make big lifestyle changes if you want to move to a cheaper city, for example, from a big city to a small city. If you want to get rich quick from frugality, why do you have to wait for retirement to move? Also consider reducing your home or car expenses, cooking more at home, or becoming

Mistakes of Fresh Graduate in Financial Arrangement

Managing finance is quite complicated for everyone, because the necessities of life are increasingly expensive. Therefore everyone must work to meet all these needs. Fresh graduates also have their own needs. Therefore, it is not surprising that new graduates who are just starting to work will feel a change in lifestyle. In fact, it cannot be denied if new graduates often make mistakes in managing finances. Especially if you do not open mind learn more about the science of financial planning.

Speaking of mistakes in managing finances, there are several reasons why new graduates make mistakes like this, unfortunately such a thing happens quite often. One of them is the condition of having your own income earlier. With your own income, you can buy all the items you want. Therefore, as if there is no control anymore, spending will be wasteful. Of course money from salary is used to buy food from outside. To avoid this waste, you should know some of the mistakes that are often made by new graduates in managing their income below.

1. Not Having Savings

This is the first mistake that is pretty much made by new graduates in managing finances that is not having savings. Conditions like this can basically be caused by the lifestyle that was previously a student who now has an income worker. Considering that when he was a student, all the needs were borne by parents, so that whatever was given would always be used, different from now. Don't like it, don't use it, because you have money.

2. Still Too Wasteful

Wasteful life is also one of the reasons why new graduates are wrong in managing finances. New graduates who now have a salary, often have a consumptive lifestyle tend to have a higher taste than when a student. Often these salaries run out just to eat or buy various items that are less important in a short time.

3. It is not wise to use a credit card

Having your own income means that you can meet the initial requirements to be able to make and use a credit card. But there are problems that can be considered quite fatal. This means you often don't know how to use your credit card wisely. Sometimes even the number of credit loans that have exceeded your ability to pay. And that is certainly not a good condition for an employee, especially new graduates. It would be much better if you want to make and use a credit card, try wisely and not too much.


4. Not Investing

In addition to the mistakes above, another mistake is not investing. This is often ignored by recent graduates. Feel young and still be able to make money actively, to feel no need for investment. This thinking pattern is clearly wrong, even though you are young and still enjoy working, you must invest as much as possible. So that in the future it will be more prosperous. Because basically this investment itself is a process to increase the value of wealth owned in the future. It's not easy and requires perseverance and strong will. New graduates who have just worked generally do not want to invest because he still wants to have fun.

There are many investments that can be tried, for example gold, stocks or others. By utilizing the time while still being eager to find money to invest, if diligently investing, one day in life would be more secure. And later just enjoy the results of your hard work when it is no longer working.

In addition, investing will help you manage finances better. Well, if you are a new graduate, learn from the mistakes above and make improvements if you have or are currently experiencing them. Good luck in the future.

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