Becoming a successful trader is the dream of many people. Various forex trading beginners tip can be a lesson for many people to start trying to get their luck in this field. Some of these lessons can be obtained in various ways, like many on YouTube.

A number of YouTube channels contain video content tips for success in the forex trading. The story of successful traders is important even learning trading strategies for beginners. The teaching video content via YouTube is also easily accessed anywhere.

Some YouTube channels have different styles in the learning content delivered. Here is a list of 10 best chanel youtube for traders forex:

1. Warriortrading

First there is Warrior Trading who has been present since 2013. This channel is managed by famous traders such as Ross Cameron and others. These professional traders share their experiences and focus on certain things. How much can they make and lost money (business risk) you can learn and anticipate here. The content of this forex trading tips video is quite good and easy to understand, let alone equipped with a chat room between instructors and traders.

2. Adam Khoo

YouTube chanel Adam Khoo is more focused on stocks. Here you can get tips for healthy trader forex. Adam Khoo is a professional in stock and foreign exchange trading from Singapore. The source of information he has can be trusted. The name Khoo is quite well known for success in the world. In addition to having a Youtube channel since 2014, he has also published books about business.

3. Trading 212

The 212 Trading Channel is perfect for studying trading in detail. This channel contains how the forex trading industry works, uses strategies and determines steps in practice. You could say this channel is the best in terms of trading learning materials to be able to explain complicated things.

4. Rayner Teo

Rayner Teod is a professional marketer. On his YouTube channel he teaches to make the right decision, namely by reducing losses for what is owned. Rayner is quite diligent in updating channels with new videos about technical analysis and so on. This Singapore-based trader always emphasizes not to lose what you have rather than chasing profits.

5. UK spreadbeatting

The Ukspreadbetting channel has been established since 2011, by a YouTuber named Mark. He is also a trader forex who has a lot of experience up and down. The video content explains a lot about the basics of trading. For example, this is a good place or platform to start learning trading. Mark's hallmark in conveying learning is that his style of speech is very fast.

The Best Youtube Channel

6. Forex TV signaling

Forex Signals TV is won by YouTuber Andrew Lockwood. In the content always provide a complete and sequential explanation even with examples and problem solving.

7. Sasha Evdakov: Tradersfly

This channel is managed by Sasha Evdakov who is a professional trader with a good reputation. Beginners in the field of forex trading can learn from the videos they make.

8. Top Traders

Top traders are managed and owned by Kleveland Bishop who provides certain trading lessons with his colleagues. This youtube channel also explains why trading is necessary and should focus on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis as well.

9. Karen Foo

Karen Foosikel is a reliable forex trader and motivator. On this channel he often combines these two skills. Giving confidence and taking the right steps in trading can make his channel more and more in demand.

10. TraderNick

Nick proved he was a great YouTuber besides the foreign exchange and computer science world he had mastered before. This channel is suitable for beginners who are just learning the world of tradingforex. Well, forex trading is not a way to get rich quick, but one way to get rich. The key is one: You have to work hard, study hard and learn from the experts.

Learn Success from Andy Krienger

Now, after you understand and learn from the youtube channel above, now is the time for you to emulate a successful trader in that field. One of them is Andy Krienger.

Andy Krieger is one of the most famous traders in the world. If asked how the success of Andy Krieger in Forex Trading? To be honest, there are a number of things done by traders out there. Starting from skills that have never been forgotten, or takeover of the company, but Andy Krieger did not do both. Instead of targeting companies, Andy is targeting all countries, especially currencies of all countries. Krieger is a professional pioneer in the world of Trading, knowing when to take advantage of very high prices. In such a way that his actions produce a market correction itself. Andy Krieger's Success Style in Forex Trading begins on Black Monday

Andy Krieger's success in Forex Trading will always be associated with the chaos that occurred on Black Monday. On that fateful day in 1987, stock markets around the world were falling. Krieger's actions that day have gone down in Trader history and made him one of the most influential financial figures.

Black Monday, also known as The Crash of 1987, occurred on Monday, October 19, 1987. On that day, the available stock suddenly exceeded the demand for shares and investors. This causes prices to fall and causes panic throughout the world.

How did that happen? The exact cause of Black Monday is still controversial. Many believe it is a mixture of various events. Some relate it to an increase in computerized orders. Others believe market psychology is the main cause. Another factor is portfolio insurance.

The Best Youtube Channel

Andy Krieger's Success Strategy in Forex Trading What can we learn from Andy Krieger? At Trading Education, it is believed that Krieger has a technique most investors dream of. Here is Andy Krieger's success strategy in Forex Trading:

  1. Know exactly when to enter and exit the market. Krieger not only entered at the right point, but he also came out at the right point as well.

  2. Vision of the future. The skills needed to realize that a currency can be overvalued.

  3. Heart of steel. While everyone panics and loses money, Krieger stays calm and finds profitable opportunities which he then uses.

  4. Risk management. Trading of this magnitude will never occur without analyzing what risks you can face.

  5. Know when to use assets. Assets carry a very high risk and ideally, they should only be used at times with absolute certainty.


If you want to follow the steps of Andy Krieger's success in Forex Trading. The best way is to learn how to trade like Andy Krieger is to learn to read stock market conditions, or it can also be through an easier way, namely by taking a Forex Trading course.

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