The best investment strategy is needed in the corona outbreak. The epidemic of the corona virus (Covid-19) has indeed become a terrible scourge in the world of health. Actually this virus is not too dangerous and can still be cured, because basically the corona virus doesn't attack antibodies.

So that the immune system in the human body can still work to kill the covid-19 virus and also produce substances that can make the human body become resistant to the spread of the corona virus. Although it is not too dangerous, the problem is the very easy transmission process. So easily people contract this virus.

In Indonesia itself is also horrified by the news of the color of the Indonesian state that has been infected with the corona virus, does not stop here, the latest news also has casualties. Even though the cause still questionable, between being infected with the corona virus or due to medical treatment which is in strict control.

So that the negative impact on patients positively infected with corona virus. Regardless of the case, the government has tried to handle it as well as possible to avoid the spread of the corona virus. In fact, several universities also provide appeals to hold lecture classes online.

When viewed closely, it is not only the health sector that is affected by the corona virus. The tourism sector also experienced a significant impact. For example, tourism in Jakarta is closed to avoid the spread of the covid-19 virus. In addition, the economic sector also experienced a decline due to the corona virus that began to spread from Wuhan, China.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is pessimistic if the global economic growth target this year matches the predetermined target of 2.9 percent, and predicts that the spread of the corona virus will affect the world economy by 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent. Doubts from the IMF have kept the stock market in the last few months. The Composite Stock Price Index (ISHG) from early 2020 to the end of February was corrected by 10.92 percent.

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The Influence of Corona Virus on the Stock Market in Indonesia

Commonwealth Bank's Head of Wealth Management & Premier Banking, Ivan Jaya explained that the stock market in Indonesia was pretty deep corrected when compared with the CSPI down by 8.2 percent in February. While for BINDO (Indonesian Government Bond Index) there was no change with growth of only 0.12 percent. Ivan said that the correction made the stock market valuation cheaper. JCI's valuation is now 2 times lower than the standard deviation of an average of 5 years.

Actually the decline in the stock market was not caused by Indonesia's fundamental factors, but because of global factors, namely the crisis in Greece. With the declining stock market in Indonesia, investors are confused about the fate of their investments.

We suggested, for aggressive investors to invest in stay in the market through adding and balancing the portion of the class of stock assets in the portfolio. As for moderate investors, they should shift their portfolio to the bond asset class. Because it has a volume that tends to be lower when compared to the class of stock assets. Besides bonds have its own advantages as an investment instrument.

First, the risk is relatively lower. Second, investors get coupons that are higher than deposit rates and third, the potential to get capital gains, if the bonds you do trade on the secondary market. In addition to investing through gold, foreign exchange can also be used as an alternative for investment in current economic conditions.

Do not be too quick in making the decision to release shares or buy shares in the current condition. Because it does not rule out the possibility that financial market conditions will improve in the near future. So whatever you are going to do with your investment, please rethink your decision.

Investment Strategy with Deposits

For novice investors, investing in deposits is the best choice. Deposits are the right choice. This investment is very easy to run and even the risks are minimal. Although the risks are minimal, this does not mean that investment is the most unprofitable. Deposits are different from saving at a bank. Keeping money in a bank is safe, but the benefits are few.

In addition, there are several investment options that provide higher returns from mutual funds, stocks, bonds to real estate investment. However, if you are still unsure of this investment option, saving in the form of deposits may be the best choice because interest rates are higher than ordinary savings rates. If the interest rate on savings is between 0.5 percent to 3 percent, while the interest rate on deposits is between 5 percent and 6.2 percent.

Because these deposit investment funds are guaranteed by the government, the risks are often lower than for investments in shares, mutual funds, and others. However, as long as each person's funds in the bank do not exceed Rp. 2 billion, guaranteed notes will be given. Therefore, your funds will remain safe even if an accident occurs at the bank concerned. There are several strategies that can be used to convert deposits into profitable investments.

the best investment

Don't Choose the Wrong Type of Deposit

In Indonesia, there are usually three types of deposits, namely time deposits, certificate of deposits and deposits on call. Each of these three types of deposits has advantages. Of the three types of deposits, time deposits are still the belle. The reason is because this type of deposit has a different time period. You must be able to determine the type of deposit that suits your needs.

For example, if you want to invest for 2 years without the risk of low interest rates, then this time deposit is the right product. In addition, the registration process for time deposits is very simple and suitable for novice investors. If you are worried about the sudden need for this fund, try to consider the type of deposit on call.


Determine the Term

You must be able to choose the right time period to make a deposit by determining the time needed for your purpose, and be sure to calculate the interest earned at the end of the time deposit. When determining how long you will invest your money in an investment deposit. That depends on when you personally need these funds. Maybe, if you have other fund reserves, these reserves will be merged into your first deposit after maturity.

Compare Interest Rates

High interest rates are one of the features that every customer expects when choosing a deposit. However, high interest rates are not always good. Deposit rates usually change every four months, this decision is made by LPS (Deposit Insurance Agency) as a government agency that oversees and supervises customer deposits.

The maximum interest rate that can be provided by a bank is the guaranteed interest rate set by LPS. If you exceed the interest rate, your funds will not be guaranteed by the government. Therefore, even if you want to choose the bank that offers the highest interest rate, you must be careful and still choose the bank with the interest rate in the normal phase.

Separate Deposit Investment Funds

Deposit strategies can make you a more profitable investment, by sharing your deposit funds. For example: if you have a large amount of funds planned or to be deposited. Divide your money into two or three time periods, you can use one month, and several can use three or one year deposits. After the first phase ends, you can withdraw cash and reinvest in the form of a deposit. As a result, you can get cash faster and without penalty. Opportunities for higher interest rates will also be available later.

Determine the strategy that works best for you. However, it also depends on the amount you will deposit and the development of the deposit rate. To get a return on investment in the form of deposits, you must pay close attention and be diligent in choosing a strategy.

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