If you read this article, you must be a potential novice investor who is confused to determine which investment is more suitable for you based on your Investment Risk Profile. You also still predict and analyze which instruments you can use according to your current financial condition. If the two things above are what you are doing then you are in the right phase before starting an investment. You recognize your battlefield first and also deepen your knowledge about yourself. Each individual has a different goal when they make an investment, some are trying to make a profit are just using it to keep watch in old age. The following is the following risk profile with investment instruments that match your risk profile.

Risk Investment Profile

Conservative Risk Profile

A conservative risk profile is usually shared by those of you who are learning to invest. Conservative risk profiles tend to favor investment instruments that have low fluctuations and low risk patterns. As a result of the selection of instruments with low fluctuations is the income from a small investment but also a small risk, so the possibility of burning capital is very small. Investment instruments for those of you who have a conservative risk profile are money market investment deposits and mutual funds where both of these investments have a very low fluctuation pattern but still provide benefits per year even though the percentage is very little from your initial capital. You need to know that mutual funds still have risks, where a company's track record cannot be used to predict future profits.

Moderate Risk Profile

Individuals with moderate risk profiles tend to like challenges and have usually been around for two or three years in the investment world. Brands choose investments with higher fluctuations than investors with a conservative risk profile in order to reap greater profits.

Investors who have a moderate risk profile are suitable for choosing mixed mutual fund investments consisting of bonds, stocks and money markets. This investment instrument has a pattern of fluctuations that are not too extreme where the instrument is usually more resistant to patterns of market movements so that is rarely occurs a significant decline in the value of shares in one semester.


Aggressive Risk Profile

There are two types of individuals who have an aggressive risk profile, those of you who are consumed by what people say about the benefits of investing without doing research and investment on a sound investment strategy. Or those of you who have for years plunged into the world of investment and can predict by rote where the direction of market movement will be directed.

Of course, the first individual will experience bankruptcy unless he has very high luck because investment instruments with high fluctuations are very risky. If you are a second individual then you must have done research and investigation first before making any concrete steps in determining your investment. Usually people with an aggressive risk profile tend to choose investment instruments with very high fluctuation patterns because they can bring big profits in a relatively short time. Investors with aggressive risk profiles are suitable when choosing instruments such as the stock market, equity funds. People with profiles like this are even suitable for choosing derivative investment instruments. Of course the investment profile will change over time, and the mindset of certain individual changes in investing. It may be that when you are young and single you have moderate or even aggressive investment risks, but when you start a family and get older your risk profile will be conservative, where you make investments to secure your old age. Risk Investment Profile

Investment tips with Regional Minimum Wage salary

Simple investment is different from saving or deposit. Investment contains risks so it is relatively not as easy as saving. In other words, you need knowledge of products and ways to invest so that your investment can be profitable. In addition, many people want to invest but are constrained by money or capital such a small salary, especially for those of you who pay this UMR salary if you have a Regional Minimum Wage salary. Many of us are just 'enough to eat'. Beginning the month having fun eating delicious while the end of the lean month until the payday arrives, the pattern keeps repeating so that the intention to save or invest is only a dream. Actually, your salary can be well managed so that it is not just a mediocre but also right for investment and better financial security. The following investment tips with salary UMR can be used efficiently, i.e.

1. Food Costs

Food costs are one of the big items in your monthly financial budget. Get into the habit of eating at a simple restaurant as long as it's clean and healthy. For example, with a fund of Rp. 20,000 (approximately USD 2), you can get complete side dishes and vegetables. A month and can count alone. To work around this so that you eat more cheaply and naturally healthy, you should make it a habit to bring a tumbler filled with water. Or you can outsmart it by bringing stock from home, aka your own time when you eat at those simple restaurant choose which is easy and healthy. Lunch will be safe for the stomach and the contents of the wallet. It's okay to eat a bit more expensive once in a while as long as this meal plan is still obeyed.

2. Boarding Costs

Other cost that must be calculated is the monthly boarding rent. Generally a clean and inexpensive boarding house has a location that is a bit far from the office area. But this does not matter as long as the price is appropriate. Limit the monthly boarding budget to a maximum of IDR 700,000. The rooms may be small or the facilities are limited but it doesn't matter as long as the air circulation is good and not humid. After all, you also rarely spend time in a dorm room. It can also tackle it by looking for a boarding house that is close or colleague's office and a simple one to make it more efficient and cheaper.

3. Improve Lifestyle

One of the obstacles that prevent us from investing is not the cost of living but rather our lifestyle. If you have often watched the cinema every weekend, hang out in expensive cafes, or love shopping online, then from now on try to consider immediately reduce it. For that, whatever expenses you can press, even if only a little, so that the more money you can save from it. Easy is not it.

4. Reduce Transportation Costs

One of the costs that often come out is transportation costs. Transportation costs are also an important item in the monthly budget. The amount can be adjusted to the needs and the vehicle you are using. The Jakarta government provides cheap public transportation options that can be utilized such as KRL, MRT, or Trans Jakarta. For certain conditions you can use online motorcycle taxi services. Search for various promos or monthly membership to get a discounted price. So you can book your monthly expenses especially now that the government is actively promoting its citizens to take public transportation. So you can use these facilities to save your expenses.

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