Can I request my money back?

Julizar is a digital platform that raises funds from users to allow us to manage the fund and finally share the profits fairly. You need to know that you are not buying anything from us but you are investing with us.

If you want to ask for your money back, You can do it before 2x24 hours since we received the money on condition that you have not invested the money in one of the projects yet.

If you are forced to ask for a refund when you have invested the money in one of the projects, as long as the project is not running yet, you can withdraw your fund and you have to pay penalty 10% from the value of your amount.

When we have used the fund for investment, the only solution to get your money back is by selling your Investment Certificate to other potential investors. You can use the Investment Ownership Selling service on the SELL INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE menu or you can contact us here.

If this happens, we do not know how long your money can be returned because it depends on the prospective buyer of your Investment Ownership.